Carcosa Club Event Form

Host your tabletop event at Carcosa! Complete the form below and, if approved, your event will be listed on the website and ticket sales will be available for purchase if necessary. All ticketed event hosts get 33% off their next retail order! Note that you must be a current member in good standing to host events. Please allow up to 72 hours for an event coordinator to respond to your request.

Additionally read below for our ticketed event policies as these have changed

Ticketing And Reservation Policy

Events at Carcosa are either ticketed or non-ticketed events. Please be sure to choose the type that is appropriate for your event

Ticketed Events require paid tickets to participate and are eligible for prize support and reserved table space. Table space is reserved based on the selected size of your game and the number of tickets sold up to 24 hours before your event. After this point any unused table space will be communicated as available for open gaming. Walk-ins and day-of ticket purchases will be accommodated but open gaming participants will not be moved to account for walk-ins. This event type is best suited for tournaments or other structured events.

Non-Ticketed Events are recommended for meetups, hobby days, or other unstructured gaming events. These events are free for members (standard day rates apply) but are not eligible for prize support, discounts, or reserved table space. This event type is best suited for weekday meetups for a certain game (such as 40k Fridays) or other casual play.

There is a maximum of one ticketed and one non-ticketed event per day unless otherwise approved. Please be sure to consult the current event calendar when scheduling your event

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*Please note Ticked Events must aim to end by 6pm on weekends and 10pm on weekdays. If you require an exception to this please note this in your event description for officer approval
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Please select the table size required for one "game" for your event. This will be used to determine reserved table space based on tickets sold.
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Only current Carcosa Club members can host events.
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