What is The Carcosa Club?

The Carcosa Club is a member run, not-for-profit FLGS dedicated to tabletop games, especially tabletop wargames. We are a collective of wargamers who realize that in NYC, it's hard to get the space you need to really enjoy your hobby.

We offer...

  • Large, custom built tables for gaming.

  • Terrain you can use at the club.

  • Game Mats in a variety of themes.

  • A small but growing library of tabletop games you can try out.

  • A vibrant community of gamers to play your games with.

  • Snacks and drinks on site

The Carcosa Club provides all of these as well as regular events, retail discounts, and much more.

What kind of store is this?

We are not your standard FLGS.  Our revenue comes from membership dues, events, and a small margin on retail sales. Revenue is then put back into the club to keep it running. The club is managed by six officers who make all business decisions, and other members who volunteer to help out with day-to-day tasks. We are open to the public, but have no full time staff so access is limited to when members are present.


How do I become a member?

You can sign up for a membership right now. Click here to learn more.


Why Carcosa?

Carcosa is a reference to short story published in 1886 called An Inhabitant of Carcosa by Ambrose Bierce. This story would establish a setting borrowed by other 19th century authors like Robert W. Chambers and H.P. Lovecraft. You may have also heard references to it in True Detective, Season 1. Read more about it here.


It's within business hours but the club isn't open... Why?

Our posted hours are when we are available for members to come in and play. If no members are there, the gate is down. We are always open for all of our published events, game nights and weekends. 

Can I still come in and play a game if I'm not a member?

Absolutely! Your first visit is always free. After that we ask $10 per visit. We encourage players to come by and get a game in before committing to signing up.  We recommend coming by during one of our published events, game nights or weekends for a warm welcome!

How do I find people to play with?

We have an active, vibrant community on Facebook. You should join our Facebook group and post a message there. Be sure to include the game you want to play and available times you'd like to come by. Someone will usually get back to you within a day or so, if not faster. We also have a public Slack  you can join if you are familiar with Slack. This is being updated constantly and you can reach out to members there. Click here and join the conversation.


The Carcosa club values being an inclusive and friendly space for all people to game and hang out. Currently the Club is not representative of the NYC gaming scene that we love, which is full of gender diversity. Thus, the club is introducing a new policy: Club members will get one month of membership free for referring women and non binary people to the club. These new members will also receive one month of free membership.

Do you offer special programs for kids?

Brooklyn has a fantastic community of young gamers. Our feeling is that this group is well served by many stores offering special events and programs dedicated to kids. And while our members include school teachers and parents, our vision for the club is to create a place for adults. This does not mean we don't allow kids at the club. But as parents ourselves, we can't guarantee that the language around the club is... kid safe (if you've ever rolled alot of ones you know what we mean). We highly encourage parents to check out the many great programs for young gamers around Brooklyn before bringing your kids in to play.