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Secret Wars: A massive 40k narrative event

  • Carcosa Club 444 South 5th st Brooklyn USA (map)

Thank you for joining the party…late as you may be. Each of you have been “asked” to participate in a secret war, a war that will possibly decide the fate of the known universe. A new god has been birthed from beyond the fabric of known space…so far beyond that even creatures of the warp are bewildered by its appearance. 

As your vision becomes clear you will be able to observe that the stretch of land you are upon is floating freely through space in a maelstrom of super heated gasses and the gargantuan corpses of ancient space faring whales. The second thing you notice is that while you retain full knowledge of your tactics and implements of war, you do not recognize the other forces gathered in shielded zones similar to your own. 

A flash draws your attention to the center of the land mass as a being coalesces into a form you are able to recognize as a physically perfect representation of your race, what you are unable to see is that each of your neighbors is greeted with the same experience. 

Without a single spoken word you are imparted with the knowledge that the figure before you is capable of wielding more raw power than any other being in existence, it has yet to decide if it will be a force for chaos or order and would like you to help it decide. To this end your forces will be divided into two grand armies fighting for fate of the cosmos. 

Welcome to Battleworld, you are not likely to survive the experience. 

* Each player will bring a 1000pt battleforged army and get matched into teams of four.
* Registration at 10am 
* Game begins at 11am and end at or around 6pm with a 30 minute lunch break at 1pm
* Event capped at 16 players total

This event is initially only open to members, with non-member tickets being allowed a week prior to the event.