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9th Age Army Lab Day II

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Calling all Fantasy generals! Dust off that Warhammer army and play them with 9th Age's free ruleset.

It’s the community-driven rules designed for balanced tournament play (No Purple Sun or other crazy “game-ending” single things).

Veteran players testing out new lists, and newbies welcome

First game at 11am, second game at 2pm. Come for either or both!

Let Bing know which timeslot(s) you want to play, and if you’d like an intro game, or if you’d just like to borrow an army to play. You can find him as Bing on our Slack, or Bing Cheah at gmail on email.

Get the rules here:

Draft up a 4500pt army list (approx similar to 2500pts in Warhammer 8th). Feel free to use any minis and proxies, etc. Or ask Bing to borrow an army for a game if you don’t have your minis on rectangular/square bases with you.