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The Autumn Court: a MTG Seelie-d League


Announcing the first-ever sealed Magic league at Carcosa! This league will run for 8 weeks and involve a pool of cards drawing from the M20 Core and the upcoming Throne of Eldraine sets. Players will participate in an initial sealed event and receive a set number of packs per week to compete in weekly constructed events. This is a great way to play some magic in a casual yet competitive setting or to build out your decks for Commander/Pauper formats. Players will earn points over the course of the league and at the end the winners will receive fabulous mystery prizes! Please note this league will be capped at 12 people. Entry fee will be $64 prepaid which will cover 24 packs of cards (12 M20 and 12 Throne of Eldraine). Even if you miss a week your packs will still be ready and waiting for you!

A full rules page will be forthcoming but the general schedule will be as follows

09/19 - M20 Sealed + 3 Packs of M20
09/26 - Constructed
10/03 - Constructed + 3 Packs of M20
10/10 - Constructed
10/17 - Eldraine Sealed! + 3 packs of Eldraine
10/24 - Constructed
10/31 (Spooky!) - Constructed + 3 Packs of Eldraine
11/07 - Constructed
11/14 - Final Tournament!

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