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Carcosa 1st Year Anniversary: Return of the Iron Golem


With the advent of our one-year anniversary we are pleased to announce the return of..

The Iron Golem Competition.

The IGC is a general test of gamer skill, devil’s luck, and ultimately, gamer endurance. Designed to discover who amongst us could delve deep the dungeons and forge strong their adventurer’s mettle before ascending to the final boss of real life responsibilities, the IGC is the only true remaining measure of a gamer’s skill.

There are 9 total rounds to be played of 4 separate games. No rules will be taught at the event, and it is the responsibility of the entrant to understand the rules of each game.

First, contenders will display their strategic depth and their comedic resilience to variance in three rounds of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.  

Next, competitors will play for all the marbles in two games of Gizmos, crafting their finest inventions.

To let the weak amongst us prepare for the final round, a short dinner break will be offered (iron supplements not provided but strongly recommended).

As the new Iron Golem approaches into view over the horizon, so do their Magic The Gathering skills as we draft Modern Horizons in a 3 rounds of swiss.

No challenge is complete without a test of physical prowess, and the mighty thews of our aspiring golems will be sorely tested by a surprise dexterity-based game to be revealed in the final round.

Kill Team

Final scoring to be your total victory point difference between all games.  In the event of a tie, if you provided your own fully painted miniatures for your entire kill team, you will win the tie break.  If both tied kill teams are fully painted, the tie-breaker will be determined by lowest kill team point value (lowest team value wins). If this still results in a tie, see the tie point split above.

Magic: the Gathering Draft

Swiss placement will determine final scoring. In the case of a tie your total land count pre-sideboard, lowest first will determine the winner, showing your true devotion to minimize resources and your soul.

Gizmos Scoring

Final Scoring will be the point differentials between the two games. I.e. winning by 10 points in game 1, and coming in 2nd at -3 points, would provide you with a total of 7 points for final scoring.


Top player will live shiny and chrome forever in Valhalla as the Iron Golem of Carcosa.  This will be commemorated by a trophy to be held by the Iron Golem until the next challenge occurs.

2nd Place will live in torment for the rest of their days as a Flesh Golem.

3rd Place will slovenly slide from one disappointment to another in their final form as a Mud Golem.

4th Place will barely withstand the daily rigors of life, as they are animated into a Straw Golem.

Beyond this place all shall remain in their mortal forms, all but...

The last place finisher of all rounds will receive the cursed form on an Imp with gifts to be revealed at the event.

All players will retain their drafted cards from the Magic: the Gathering portion of the event, the pride of having participated, as well as result based prizes on their final form.

Game Specific Rules:

Kill Team: Matched Play scenarios, based on the Kill Team Arena product.  Rosters will be 3-20 models of up to 125 points including Elites, but excluding commanders will be utilized for all missions.  Rounds are 75 minutes in length

Gizmos: Standard rule set.  Game ends after 135 minutes.

MtG Draft: Current rule set will be used.  Modern Horizons set. Basic lands will be provided. 45 minutes will be allotted to the draft portion, and each swiss bo3 round is limited to 50 minutes.

Note all rules may be subject to change as we approach the event date.


9:30 registration

10:00 - 11:15 Kill Team Round 1

11:25 - 12:40 Kill Team Round 2

12:50 - 2:05 Kill Team Round 3

3:00 - 5:15 Gizmos

6:00 - 9:50 Modern Horizons draft

10:00 - 11:00 Dexterity Challenge

All events will be available to participate in individually with an exception of the Magic The Gathering draft which will be restricted to Iron Golem participants only until 6/21. Only those who participate in all 4 events are eligible for Iron Golem rewards. A single ticket for all 4 events is available at a discounted rate. The total Iron Golem event is open to members only.