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Age of Sigmar/ Warcry Narrative Event- The Seige of Stormedge


Stormedge, a guarded city that resides next to a long disabled Realmgate, thought to gain access to the all points. The citizens of the fortress want the gate to remain close, as they believe opening the gate will only alllow chaos to thrive next to them, others want it open. Forces of order want the gate open to ambush the chaos forces at the all points, forces of chaos want to gain control of it for the favor of their dark patronage. the forces of destruction see a good fight, while the forces of death see souls to be gained from the conflict. Will you help defend the city? or force open the realm gate to unleash a gateway to chaos

10:00 AM - Registration
10:30-11:00am- Teams will be decided from then on, games will be constantly played as soon as one games finish, players can drop in or drop out as much as they want. each victory will give bonuses to the final fight for their side. games of Warcry may also be played to attempt to open up the realm gate from the other side!

6:30 pm- The big battle begins. an apocalypse size game with everyone playing everything they care to bring to defend or siege the city!

Tickets are $10 for Members and $15 for Non-members.

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