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Journeyman END-OF-EVENT


Open to Carcosa journeyman league members only.

This event is run as a very easy-to-understand tournament for newer players. Players will compete using the same armies they built for week six of the Journeyman league and play the same scenario for each tournament round. When this tournament is run as standalone event outside of a league, all players must bring a single 75-point army that contains the warjacks or warbeasts found in any of their Faction’s starting battlegroups, and adheres to the army composition rules for week six of a Journeyman league.

During the event, a player gains 1 event point for a win and 0 points for a loss or tie each round. The event runs until one player has more event points than any other player at the end of a round. Once this condition is met, the event ends without additional games. 

Number of rounds will depend on the amount of people who show up! Each round will last 120 minutes.

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