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warmachine and Hordes league

This league will start the week of January 21st and will run for six weeks. All participants will be matched with 6 other opponents. You will have to schedule your matched opponent each week from the start. At the end of six weeks the top 4 players will play each other in a single elimination bracket to see who wins.

Each week you will be set up with an opponent, all players will have play the same scenario, all of which will be taken from the 2018 Steamroller document.

This is an open list league. You and your opponent are expected to share your list with one another 24 hours before your match. You may do this via via email, text, slack, messenger pigeon, or whatever.

Play your opponent each week and report your scores. If you're able to, you may play multiple opponents at one time, as long as your reporting is clear.

Only players that have played 5+ games are eligible to make it into the top 4 playoff. You have 2 weeks to make up games for weeks 1-4 and 1 week to make up games for week 5.

$10 league fee.