warmachine and Hordes league

Hello and Welcome to Carcosa's second Journeyman League!

This league will begin the week of June 10th. We will be using the Warmachine Journeyman League Rules which can be found here-

We will modify to a 10 week schedule instead of 6.

The league will run till August 25th.

The last week tournament we will run a final tournament for all league members and to give out prizes. Neither of these tournaments are mandatory for league participation, but are encouraged for players to attend.

This will be an escalation league, so you are expected to grow your force week to week. We are also going to make every Wednesday Warmachine League day. So come out for any size Warmachine games.

As the week progresses, we will set up a page (which will be linked) on the Carcosa website containing all the rules and the size progression of the armies.

The league fee is $10 which will be used to pay for prize support. Buy tickets at-

League Doc Here: