Warmachine and Hordes Journeyman League

Hello and Welcome to Carcosa's first Journeyman League!

This league will begin the week of October 22nd, with Oct 24th being our first league day. We will be using the Warmachine Journeyman League Rules which can be found here- https://privateerpress.com/files/Journeyman%20Rules%202018.pdf

The league will run till December 15th. In addition to this League we are going to be running two tournaments. The first tournament will be just using Battle Boxes and will happen two to three weeks (based on member response) after the start date.

The last tournament will be on 12/15 or 12/16 and will use full armies. Neither of these tournaments are mandatory for league participation, but are encouraged for players to attend.

This will be an escalation league, so you are expected to grow your force week to week. We are also going to make every Wednesday Warmachine League day. So come out for any size Warmachine games.

PLEASE READ THESE RULES THOROUGHLY, the league will adhere to these very closely.

League will run from 10/22-12/15 (7 weeks as we may be behind this first week)

We will have an overall league winner, best painted army winner, and also the Journeyman best sport winner.

At the start of each week you’ll submit your list to me HERE before you play any games that week.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 21.03.13.png

For Army Composition questions please email me or, maybe better, ask in the carcosa #warmahordes slack channel.


For keeping track of score we will follow the rules set out in the above pdf. Each week you will report how many games played and how many games won. The player with the most games won points at the end of the week gets one “destroyer” point. The person with the most “destroyer” points at the end wins.

Note: for each model you paint completely each week you will receive one bonus win point that will be added to your column. You will receive 1 extra “destroyer” point for winning a league tournament as well.

Please use this FORM for you weekly scoring.

Important Links
League Rules

List Reporting

Game Reporting