Regular weekly games

Each weeknight we feature a different game at the club. Check in with our Slack channel or Facebook group to see who is coming down and connect with players and Sponsors to coordinate a game and plan for when you should come down, but most games will start around 7pm. These games are not events and therefore do not require special tickets (except Thursday night L5R League), but membership or daily membership is required. The club is still available for other gaming as well. 


Mondays - Boardgame Night

Leave the toy soldiers at home and bring out the boardgames. We have some games in our library, but we recommend you BYOBG. 

Game night sponsor: Isaac

@Isaac on our Slack Channel


Tuesdays - X-Wing / Blood Bowl

Dogfighting in the skies with Star Wars X-Wing, dogpiling on the pitch with Blood Bowl.

Game night sponsor: Andrew / NYC X-Wing

@Andrew Weakland on our Slack Channel


Wednesdays - Shadespire/Malifaux

There's a vibrant community of players at the club for both these games, and we've got plenty of table space for players. 

Game night sponsor: George

@George on our Slack Channel


Thursdays - Kill Team

Our weekly Kill Team league night.

Log your wins and losses on the ongoing Kill Team ladder!

This season will continue till April 6th.

Game night sponsor: Isaac

@Isaac on our Slack Channel


Fridays - 40k Fridays

One of our most popular events! Start your weekend right with a good dose of grim dark. Armies of all sizes show up to battle it out on our 6x4 and 4x4 tables. We've got the terrain and mats to make your game look good.

Game night sponsor: George

@George on our Slack Channel