Warhammer 40k: Vigilus Defiant Campaign

The war of the beasts is coming to Carcosa, a Vigilus Defiant by the book campaign! Following the narrative laid out in the Vigilus Defiant book (pg 118) players will break into two teams and face off in the First Phase of the War or Beasts over a period of two months.

The campaign will encompass 6 rounds that last 10 days each (leaving plenty of room for multiple Carcosa campaigns to occur together). The Architect of Fate method of Nihilus Events will be posted prior to each round. Campaign updates, scoring and of course narrative will be posted on #VigilusDefiant slack thread.

Games can be played at 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 1850 or 2000 points. This allows slow growers and new players to get involved and play multiple campaigns at the Carcosa Club.

Emphasis will be on narrative play, fielding Vigilus round appropriate armies, with painted armies earning bonus Glory Points.

Game Schedule:

January 11th Friday 11th Campaign Opener at Forty K Friday.

Round One: Planet Fall. Monday, January 21st.

Second Round: Convoys & Running Battles, Wednesday January 30th

Third Round: Rise of the Pauper Princes (just in time for the new GSC codex!)February 8th Forty K Friday

Fourth Round: Doom from Within. Monday, February 18th Monday

Fifth Round: Tenative Counter-Attacks February 28th Forty K Friday

Sixth and Final Battle Round: The Speedwaaagh! Attacks March 8th Forty K Friday Phase One End Party and Special Scenario- Gladiator Battles of the HQ Heroes of Vigilus Defiant!