Warhammer Underworlds Summer League

Hello and Welcome to Carcosa's Inaugural Warhammer Underworld’s League!

This league will begin on 6/9 kicking off with our June tournament and run to 8/25. The player with the highest ranking at the end of the league will be the winner.

The league will run till August 25th.

The last week we will run a final tournament for all league members and to give out prizes. Neither of these tournaments are mandatory for league participation, but are encouraged for players to attend.

To register for the league please register with the email address used for your club membership payment and create a team for your preferred warband on the Carcosa Club app portal HERE: http://portal.carcosaclub.com/#/carcosa/login If you have issues registering for the portal please contact a club officer. To report a match simply log-in and select your opponent’s warband and the result after your game.

You are not limited to a single decklist and may create separate teams for different warbands but only your highest-ranked warband will be considered for the purposes of overall results. You may only have one team per warband.

The most recent Games Workshop restricted list and errata will be in use found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/