40k Slow Grow Campaign

Have you always wanted to play Warhammer 40,000, but the prospect of painting up a 2,000 point army seems daunting and unmanageable? Welcome to the 2018 NYC slow grow campaign. If you participate you'll start from nothing, and end up with a playable, legal, 2,000 point army in just six months!

The campaign will start as a casual narrative campaign, eventually shifting into Matched Play, with one tournament a month to show off progress and try out your new forces against other participants. We will do our best to create a compelling narrative that creates a story around the participating forces. Prizes will be awarded, with actual prizes based on attendance. All participants will receive some prize support, regardless of tournament performance.

Information on the campaign is available here:

Month 5

August 18 - September 21

  • Build and paint units of your choice to create a competitive 1,750-point battleforged army.


Tournament 5: Saturday, September 22 & Sunday, September 23

  • Three round tournament at The Carcosa Club.

  • Matched Play using the latest Games Workshop FAQs and Beta tournament rules.

  • 1,750 point maximum army size.

  • Maximum 3 detachments.

  • Army must be battleforged.