KILLZonE: Carcosa

Looking for an entry point into the grim darkness of the far future?  The new Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team map campaign, KILLZONE: CARCOSA is the place for you.  As the game is new we are all beginners here and our take on the progression based campaign rules has something for everyone.

No advance knowledge of the Warhammer universe or rules are necessary.  All you'll need to get started are a copy of the rules, and a few models to start your Kill Team.  If you need guidance on what faction and models to start with, there is a great primer in the Warhammer Community Faction Index or you can always ask in #kill-team in our slack workspace.

The campaign will start off September 1st and continue through October 28th, progression will be tallied up in two week increments with an update to the campaign map as your teams gain footholds. This will culminate in a matched play tournament on November 3rd with your fully kitted out Kill Team. We will do our best to create a compelling narrative that creates a story around the participating forces. Prizes will be awarded to all regardless of tournament performance, with special prizing to the top teams.

Signups for the campaign are closed.


Players will be matched randomly into pairs, in the event that there are an odd number of participants, a single team of three will be created.  At the beginning of the campaign, your team will randomly be assigned a map location that they control. There will be more map locations to control than there are active teams in each fortnight.  Each map location will have variant rules and benefits for control.  Control will be defined by the team with the most recent win at that location.
Teams will be responsible for completing matches within the time frame of each fortnight.  Scoring for each fortnight will be based on a point value assigned to map locations.

Mission Critical: rules are unchanged, though additional missions may be available at different locations.
Consequences of Battle: Resources will not be in use and as such guerrilla factions and sudden death will also not be used.  Casualties, experience, fire teams are as normal.


Why are you charging an entry fee?

In the past we've found that leagues and campaigns with no entry fee tend to lose people over time, and those with entry fees tend to keep people involved. The funds will be used to facilitate top tier prize support, terrain, and campaign materials for all.

Why aren't you using the campaign rules as written?

There isn't support in the RAW for a timed or map based campaign.

Will you be using the NOVA rule set?

Not during this campaign.  The final matched play event will use the current ruleset as released by Games Workshop.

Is painting required?

It is highly encouraged but not required during this campaign.  Painted kill teams will receive bonus command points at the final tournament.

How many games are we expected to play?

Every player is expected to play at least two games each fortnight.  You will be able to progress with up to six games per fortnight.

How many kill team rosters can I have?

One for this campaign.  

Does my kill team have to be battle forged?


I have another question!

Ask in the #kill-team channel!  George and Fake Bryan are running the campaign and will have definitive answers.


All match results are to be submitted electronically in a form to be revealed at a later date, the submission deadline is 11PM on the final evening of each fortnight.  All participating players must submit their results.  

September 1: Campaign officially launches
September 15: The first fortnight ends
September 16: Map update #1
September 29: Final battles of the second fortnight
September 30: Map update #2
October 14: Third Fortnight concludes
October 15: Map update #3
October 28: The battles of the fourth fortnight come to an end.
October 29: Map update #4 and the scenarios for the final battles are released.


Tournament: Saturday November 3rd

  • Story-linked tournament using Matched Play missions at The Carcosa Club .
  • 4 rounds of best of three matches will determine the conclusion to the campaign
  • Prizes will be awarded to all participants, and the top performing kill teams of the tournament.
  • Event details to come