New York L5R League

Welcome to the New York L5R league! This will be an 8 week league, consisting of 6 games. The fee for joining the league is $10 for Carcosa members and $15 for non-members, payable via https://squareup.com/store/carcosa-club . This fee will grant non-Carcosa members free access to Carcoa's gaming space during all L5R league days, and will only be used towards prize support.

Every participant will get 6 pairings, and be asked to complete them at any time during the 8 week duration of the league. All games must be finished and submitted by September 1st. Games can be played in any order, and in any format (either in person or online through jigoku). Finished games should be reported via this link https://goo.gl/forms/fyX7vFYrTc5sjxXg2

You may change your deck between games, but you are required to commit to a single clan for the entire league, and subsequent tournament. League games have no imposed time limit, while the final 8 tournament will use the official organized play rules. Any new cards are legal upon general release.

Following people's feedback from the last year we are implementing one new rule. In addition to your assigned Clan role, each clan will be able to choose an additional role. This role will be the chosen by the previous league's top in each clan starting from descending order. You may freely switch between these two roles in-between games.  

Unicorn- Seeker of Fire

Scorpion- Keeper of Air

Phoenix - Seeker of Void

Crane - Keeper of Earth

Lion - Seeker of Earth

Dragon - Keeper of Fire

Crab - Seeker of Air


Unplayed Games:

All unplayed games will count as losses for both participants. If one player can show a consistent, multi-week, effort to arrange a game then they will receive a modified victory. These will be based on TO discretion, so please contact Arash as soon as possible if you think it is necessary.


Scoring for the league is as follows: 10 points for a win, 1 point for a loss, and 6 points for a modified win (available only for unplayed games).

September 8th Tournament

12 players will be invited to a one day single elimination tournament at the Carcosa Club on Saturday, September 8th. The winner will claim the Carcosa Club as their stronghold (as per the FFG rules https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/10/your-store-is-your-stronghold/). Last league it was claimed for Dragon!

The top 5 players in the league will automatically qualify for the tournament.  Then the top of each clan will also be invited. The 12 invited players will be ranked according to their league record regardless of clan.  The top 4 players will receive a first-round bye in the single elimination tournament. The tournament will consist of timed rounds following FFG tournament rules.

Concurrent to this tournament there will be a stronghold event open to anyone who is interested. Players eliminated from the single elimination can join the stronghold event, with their previous rounds counted as a bye.


Pairings are done randomly using https://do.leaguelobster.com/lite/ (because it is free).  After these pairings are randomly generated I do go through and make sure that all people who indicated that they’d rather not Jigoku are not forced too. That is the only “manipulation” that is done to the pairings.