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9th Age Tournament by East Coast Warriors


The Ninth Age is the FREE community-driven ruleset for Fantasy battles, designed for balanced tournament play. It's not tied to any company, so use whatever minis you want to represent your army.Get the rules here: > downloads

This is a one-day informal tournament of 3 rounds.
-Proxies and unpainted minis allowed, as long as units are clearly and easily distinguishable
-We'll be using the standard battle points system in the T9A rulebook
-Prizes for first place, and if we have the max of 8 players then there will be a 2nd place prize as well
-5 points for having a fully painted and based army (3 colour standard, base with texture).
-5 point penalty if your army is not fully set up and ready to deploy when the start time for a round is called.
-Bring 3 PRINTED copies of your army list, OR send PDF or text file to Bing 24 hours in advance if you need him to print for you

9am -- Arrive, hand in army list, announce pairings, set up armies
9:30-12:30 -- Round 1
12:30-1:15 -- Lunch break
1:15-4:15 -- Round 2
4:30-7:30 -- Round 3
7:30-8:00 -- Results, Prize(s), clear up

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