WarHammer Age of Sigmar Path to Glory


Hello and Welcome to Carcosa's first Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign!

This campaign will begin January 19th. It will run for six weeks until March 2nd. We will be using the official Path to Glory Campaign rules, found here: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/AoS-path-to-glory-2017-ENG

As part of the Campaign there will be two free Saturday Path to Glory Tournaments The first tournament will happen February 9th, after the start date.The Warbands that participate in this tournament will get 2 glory points and the victor will also be able to roll for free on any rewards chart. (Matches in this tournament do not count for acquisition of glory)

The campaign ends with a final tournament using completed campaign armies on March 2nd.

In addition to these tournaments, we will be playing Age of Sigmar games, of any size on, Thursdays.

We will have an overall league winner and a best painted army winner.

How to start:

Starting your Warband  is easy, most Start Collecting boxes come with what you need to get started. But if you already have units and would rather customize your starting Warband you can use the Warband generation rules available on the Path to Glory book. If your Faction was released or upgraded after the release of this book, newer Battletomes have rules to start your Warband.

How to Win:

Achieving Victory is simple, after each game your Warband get Glory points, drawing or losing gets you 1 Glory point while winning gives you 1d3 points, with the option of rerolling on a major victory. The Warband that has more Glory by (Arash insert Date) will reign victorious, and in case of a draw in points, the victor will be decided with a sudden death match.


Games will be played during the week with a predetermined partner and only this game will count for the acquisition of Glory.